If I ask you what the most important phase of a child’s academic life is, you may say that either it be the higher secondary school when the ultimate gateway to a bright career is opened, or it may be the college education phase when the child is prepared for a professional career. What if I say that the most important phase of a child’s academic life is when he is between five and fifteen years old? Surprised? But this is true, and this phase of a child’s life is the golden period of a child’s intellectual development. When it comes to academics, right from the very beginning of a child’s scholastic life, while each and every year is crucial and important, the phase between 5 and 15 years is the most vital. This can be understood with a simple example. A person may not be able to answer certain questions from the final year of their graduation or post-graduation, which they have passed recently, but they do remember very well the nursery rhymes that they studied many years ago. This is not because the nursery rhymes are easy and their graduation or post-graduation content is difficult, because when they were studying in nursery or primary school, the content they studied was quite challenging for their age. The reason behind this is the fact that between the ages of five and fifteen, the brain is in its developing phase, and maximum brain development takes place. Surprisingly, after the age of fifteen, the process of brain development almost seizes. To understand this better, let us explore the functioning of the most intelligent organ that ever existed, the human brain. The human brain can be considered to be divided into two hemispheres The right hemisphere and the left hemisphere Based on the responsibilities assigned to these hemispheres of the brain, we can term them logical and creative brains. While the left hemisphere, or logical brain, is considered to be responsible for use of logic, counting, numbers, and identification of black and white colours, the right hemisphere, or creative brain, is responsible for imagination, concentration, visualisation, memory, recall , creativity, thinking, and identification of colours. It is an interesting fact that the left hemisphere of the human brain controls the right side of the body, and the right hemisphere of the brain controls the left side of the body. It has been discovered that, in every individual, only one hemisphere of the brain is more active. In the majority, or I can say almost ninety percent of the cases, the left brain is predominantly more active, and that’s the reason why the majority of individuals are right handed. Only approximately ten percent of individuals with a predominantly more active right hemisphere are left-handed. A selected few, however, are those who are gifted by God with a completely developed brain with both hemispheres equally activated. These individuals have excellent concentration, imagination, logic, and visualisation, which, in simpler words, can be termed as genius. While some have this good gift of a holistically developed brain, not everyone is lucky enough to have it. Holistic brain development can be achieved if the brain can be worked upon at the right age with a specific technique. Unlike other organs of the human body, which grow by the process of cell division, the brain only grows or develops by the formation of new brain cells, or neurons. This process is called Neurogenesis. Five years to fifteen years is the age when the human brain is in the developing stage with maximum neurogenesis, and that is the reason why learning is at its best at this age. We do remember nursery rhymes that we learned at this age, but we fail to remember the answers to our final year graduation questions because of this fact. Excellent results can be achieved in terms of academic performance if proper work is done towards complete brain development or activation of both hemispheres of the brain at this crucial age.Abacus is an excellent tool that, if used at this age with a certain technique, activates both hemispheres of the brain of the child, resulting in improved concentration, photographic memory, improved logic, excellent recall, visualisation, and listening ability, leading to improved overall academic performance in all the subjects.Proactive abacus has proven to be the most effective tool for holistic brain development in kids between five and fifteen years of age with weekly classes that are in sync with the school curriculum. The fun-and-learn method, coupled with classroom study materials and teaching methodology, makes Proactive Abacus learning a fun filled, interesting, and effective activity that children love to attend.Since almost a decade, Proactive Abacus has been the true brain development tool for thousands of students across the country, giving them academic performance and overall confidence.So, what are you waiting for? Search for the Proactive Abacus Centre nearest to you and enrol your child now.